Title Mania Central Results – Jumpers


  1. Penny Leigh and Curve
  2. Kelley Ferguson and Joose
  3. Holly Waldrop and Teller



  1. Lynn Steward and DaCoda
  2. Diane Dittrich and Ridge
  3. Anne Russell and Patterson



  1. Jean Lavalley and Sprint
  2. Richard Eggie and Chic
  3. Lucy Long and Pressure


Performance 1

  1. Hartman and Remington
  2. Stacy Nevitt and Meeko
  3. Sharron Lane and Kits


Performance 2

  1. Campanaro and Duchess
  2. Stacy Nevitt and Kibo
  3. Scott Fuqua and Jake


Performance 3

  1. Stuart Mah and Ares
  2. Cindy Lether and Tash
  3. Kara Sheerer and Cosmic



  1. Anna Blanton and Bea
  2. Harold Baska and Syd
  3. Mary Metelko and Seri


Photos courtesy of Marvelous Impressions Photography