Title Mania Central Results – Snooker


  1. Kelley Ferguson and Joose
  2. Jane Mohr and Savvy
  3. Melissa Zerm and Jayce



  1. Jean Hood and Dyna
  2. Penny Leigh and Magenta
  3. Rothschild and Mona



  1. Tracey Luggiero and Mouse
  2. Katie Conn and Ritz
  3. Anna Blanton and Hype


Performance 1

  1. Sharron Lane and Kits
  2. Scott Fuqua and Maggie
  3. Hartman and Remington


Performance 2

  1. Stacy Nevitt and Kibo
  2. Scott Fuqua and Jake
  3. Kathy Collins and Teal


Performance 3

  1. Pati Mah and Luke
  2. Jean Lavalley and Cheer
  3. Sally Peters and Cade



  1. Anna Blanton and Bea
  2. Harold Baska and Syd
  3. De Laune and Minx



Photos courtesy of Marvelous Impressions Photography