Title Mania Central Results – Standard


  1. Jane Mohr and Savvy
  2. Kelley Ferguson and Joose
  3. Lynn Steward and DaCoda



(no picture)

  1. Meryl Sheard and Demi
  2. Harold Baska and Capri
  3. Kristy Netzer and Diggity



(no picture)

  1. Richard Eggie and Chic
  2. Jean Lavalley and Sprint
  3. Lucy Long and Pressure


Performance 1

  1. Stacy Nevitt and Meeko
  2. Laura Smith and Gracie (not pictured)
  3. Scott Fuqua and Jake


Performance 2

  1. Stacy Nevitt and Kibo
  2. Brigitte Campanaro and Duchess 
  3. Jennifer Yates and Bling (not pictured)


Performance 3

(no picture)

  1. Jill Rossi and Junie B
  2. Cindy Lether and Tash
  3. Stuart Mah and Ares



(no picture)

  1. Harold Baska and Syd
  2. De Laun and Minx


Photos courtesy of Marvelous Impressions Photography