Event Information 2018

Dates: July 5-8, 2018

Location: Williamson Co. Agricultural Exposition Park
4215 Long Lane
Franklin, TN United States

Closing date: 06/11/2018

2nd Closing Date: 07/02/2018

Event Secretary:

Ann Bridges 
P. O. Box 598 
Tenaha, TX 75974 United States

Download the test schedule.

Running Order as of July 3, 2018

Event photographs available at https://marvelousimpressionsphotogra.shootproof.com/gallery/7045855/

Event Updates as of July 3:

There has been some concern expressed over having two rings with masters rings running at once, in our scheduling we have taken all of this into account. All you need to do is let the gate steward know you may have a conflict.  We also, when having masters in two rings at the same time,  will have the lowered numbered ring run masters and the higher ring run Performance/Vet  <example ring 1 and ring 3 both have masters classes running at the same time, Ring one starts with the Championship classes and Ring 3 will start with the Performance and Veterans classes.> Please don’t stress, you will get to run. Just remember if you have any kind of conflict, just let the gate steward know so we can work to accommodate you. 

Also on the crating, we have a bit more information now. There will be five areas for crating, so I hope that helps you with your packing and planning.

  • Up in the mezzanine
  • In the bleachers
  • Up against the wall under the mezzanine
  • Near the ramp
  • Green room crating is reserved for competitors with mobility issues

Remember on Thursday Check in starts at 11 (if you need to be measured we will do measuring at 1pm, please measure your dog first then come check in) first walk throughs beginning at 1:15pm and first dog at 2pm. On Friday to Sunday check in and measuring will begin at 7am, briefing at 7:15 with first dog  at 8am.

Please remember to pay attention to any posted no parking or no crating areas. And listen to any announcements through the weekend. Safe travels and see you soon!