Title Mania East Results – Gamblers

Congratulations to all the winners! Photos by Donna Kelliher Photography.

Masters Gamblers

  1. Kelly Wilson and Bestie
  2. Giuliana Lund and Harlow
  3. Kelly Gautrea and Tyme

Advanced Gamblers

  1. Joan Lawson and Keats
  2. Anne Hubbard and Gilli
  3. Pamela Shattuck and Flirt (not pictured)

Starters Gamblers

  1. C. Chittenden and Blink
  2. Judy Van Wyk and River (not pictured)
  3. Amy Carlson and Bim (not pictured)

Performance I Gamblers

  1. Virginia Besthoff and Marlo (not pictured)
  2. Sara McDonald and Phantom
  3. Jo-Ellen Vought and Casey (not pictured)

Performance II Gamblers

  1. Anne Marie Hopkins and Bristol (not pictured)
  2. Janine Vickers and Splash
  3. Mary McCulloch and Jessie James

Performance III Gamblers

  1. Melanie Behrens and Elf
  2. Julie Mahaney and Tillie
  3. Dianne McCormick and Hana

Veterans Gamblers

No photo

  1. Virginia Besthoff and Delilah
  2. Billie Rosen and Klev’r
  3. Pat Hughes and Pip