Title Mania East Results – Jumpers

Congratulations to all our winners! Photos by Donna Kelliher Photography.

Masters Jumpers

  1. Bruce Thibodeau and Toby
  2. Joe Sangentino and Jett
  3. Jane Plamondon and Cullen (not pictured)

Advanced Jumpers

  1. Anne Hubbard and Gilli
  2. Seth Dunn and Winnie (not pictured)
  3. Kelly Gautreau and Tyme

Starters Jumpers

  1. Daniel Lombard and Anthem
  2. Debra Totten and Xena (not pictured)
  3. Lesley Sgro and Rocky (not pictured)

Performance I Jumpers

  1. Jo-Ellen Vought and Casey
  2. Virginia Besthoff and Marlo (not pictured)
  3. Terry Sangenito and Ozzy

Performance II Jumpers

  1. Janina Vickers and Splash
  2. Carolyn Rancourt and Gingee
  3. Anne Marie Hopkins and Bristol (not pictured)

Performance III Jumpers

  1. Dianne McCormick and Hana
  2. Kathy Clement and Wik
  3. Christina Turner and Allie

Veterans Jumpers

  1. Katherine Ostiguy and Strata
  2. Marjorie Cottle and Becky (not pictured)
  3. Virginia Besthoff and Delilah (not pictured)