Title Mania East Results – Standard

Congratulations to all the winners! Photos by Donna Kelliher Photography.

Masters Standard

  1. Kelly Wilson and Bestie
  2. Wendy Crawshaw and Charlie (not pictured)
  3. Michelle DuBois and Ada 

Advanced Standard

  1. Christina Turner and Rhyze (not pictured)
  2. Anne Hubbard and Gilli (not pictured)
  3. Cassy Lamothe and Pink

Starters Standard

1-Fanta -Pamela Kimel  (not pictured)

2-Rocky-Lesley Sgro

3-Duff-Maxine  Montgomery  (not pictured)

1-Fanta -Pamela Kimel  (not pictured)

2-Rocky-Lesley Sgro  (not pictured)

3-Duff-Maxine  Montgomery

Performance I Standard

No picture

  1. Virgina Besthoff and Marlo
  2. Jo-Ellen Vought and Casey
  3. Carol Mount and Ta-Da!

Performance II Standard

  1. Anne Marie Hopkins and Bristol (not pictured)
  2. Marty Abair and Mickey (not pictured)
  3. Janina Vickers and Splash

Performance III Standard

No picture

  1. Dianne McCormick and Rumor
  2. Seth Dunn and Triker
  3. Carolyn Rancourt and Shiner

Veterans Standard

  1. Katherine Ostiguy and Strata  (not pictured)
  2. Giulaina Lund and Zuri
  3. Marjorie Cottle and Becky  (not pictured)