Host Club Information

When was your club founded and by whom? 

Unsure of the exact date but roughly 1995 or maybe 1994.  We do not have any of the founding members but Stuart and Barbara Mah were involved as well as a few others of their students.

Where do you primarily hold events? 

In the greater Los Angeles Area

Other than agility does your club participate in any other dog sports? 

No – we have always been an agility only club.

How many members, approximately, does your club have? 


Why does your club choose to do USDAA agility?   

Our club has always been an avid supporter of USDAA since inception.  We have always enjoyed the relaxed yet competitive atmosphere found at USDAA trials.  Many of the members of our club have been doing USDAA between 15 and 25 years and prefer the venue to all others.  We like the different challenges the games offer as well as the many tournament classes. 

What are you looking forward to with the USDAA Title Mania event this year? 

We are looking forward to hosting a trial that will promote and encourage a different type of competition than is often found at big USDAA events.  So often we hear that USDAA is for Border Collies only, and many of the nice dogs of other breeds are reluctant to show at USDAA trials because they feel their dog does not have a place in USDAA.  We are hoping this event will encourage them to come to USDAA and show.  Over the years USDAA has lost some of these competitors to other venues, but I feel this event is well suited for them.  This event rewards consistency and speed in all of the titling classes, so people have the chance to be on the podium with a dog we might not normally see at a USDAA Regional or National Event. 

Is there anything you’d like people to know about your club? 

We are small but mighty.  Most of us have been involved in the sport for over 15 and some of us are now competing for 25 years.  We have handlers of all levels – from IFCS world team members, to those competing with their first dog, but we are all very passionate about the sport and are continually trying to find ways to generate more interest in USDAA agility.  Additionally, we donate 10% of our net profits from trials to various organizations – from various shelters, to Hemopet to assorted Canine Health Funds.  We try to host one seminar per year for our club members to help them continue to learn from some of the best in the agility community.